Review: Tomorrow Girl – A Tale of Mindfulness

Written by: Vikki Conley & Penelope Pratley

Published on: February 2021

Jake and I have read this beautiful book several times a night since we received our copy from EK Books. I have been genuinely surprised at how intrigued Jake has been by the story and the illustrations!

‘Tomorrow Girl’ has generated some wonderful conversations between Jake and I, mostly about why the children are called ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Today’ and ‘Yesterday’ which has opened up ideas about names and different types of people.

We have also had lots of questions from Jake about why ‘Tomorrow’ is rushing, and not seeing the things around her. Jake can now articulate that this is because she isn’t standing still and enjoying the day. it has been enjoyable and educational in helping him grasps ideas about being still, and present – without explaining what ‘mindfulness’ is.

This has been fabulous and I whole-heartedly recommend this to young children and families – my six year old Jake has loved it!

Thank you to Kirsten and EK Books for our copy!

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