Review: Cruel Prince (Royal Hearts Academy)

Written by: A. Jade

Published on: 20 August 2019

Genre: New Adult, Romance

Blurb: Welcome to their kingdom…

I never thought I’d step foot in Royal Manor again. 
But four years later, here I am…back to finish my senior year at Royal Hearts Academy.

And forced to face Jace Covington. 

My first friend. First crush. First kiss. 
The one I left behind.

Only—he isn’t the same boy I gave my heart to.

This new Jace is as cruel as he is gorgeous.
And he’s determined to make my life a living hell. 
Along with the rest of his glorified family and crew of tyrants.

They expect me to worship the ground they walk on like everyone else, but I’d rather eat dirt.

If Jace Covington wants me gone…he’ll have to try harder. Because I’ve never been the kind of girl to play by the rules. Continue reading “Review: Cruel Prince (Royal Hearts Academy)”

Review: Hashtag Authentic

Written by: Sara Tasker

Published on: 21 Feb 2019

Genre: Non Fiction

Blurb: … Hashtag Authentic draws on the lessons Sara has learned over the past five years to provide readers with tips, advice and guidance on how to turn their personal Instagram account into a profitable creative outlet. From visual storytelling and improving photography skills to archiving day-to-day life and changing the work/life balance, this book is both an inspiring manual and an interactive tool for finding an online voice, growing a tribe and becoming an influencer.  Continue reading “Review: Hashtag Authentic”

Review: Is It Just Me?

Written by: Miranda Hart

Published on: 11th October 2012

Genre: Celebrity Biography, Humorous

BlurbWell hello to you dear browser. Now I have your attention it would be rude if I didn’t tell you a little about my literary feast. So, here is the thing: is it just me or does anyone else find that adulthood offers no refuge from the unexpected horrors, peculiar lack of physical coordination and sometimes unexplained nudity, that accompanied childhood and adolescence?

Does everybody struggle with the hazards that accompany, say, sitting elegantly on a bar stool; using chopsticks; pretending to understand the bank crisis; pedicures – surely it’s plain wrong for a stranger to fondle your feet? Or is it just me?

I am proud to say I have a wealth of awkward experiences – from school days to life as an office temp – and here I offer my 18-year-old self (and I hope you too dear reader) some much needed caution and guidance on how to navigate life’s rocky path.

Because frankly where is the manual? The much needed manual to life. Well, fret not, for this is my attempt at one and let’s call it, because it’s fun, a Miran-ual. I thank you.
Continue reading “Review: Is It Just Me?”

Review: The Upside of Falling arc

Written by: Alex Light

Publishing on: 2nd April 2020 (UK)

Genre: YA contemporary

Blurb: It’s been years since seventeen-year-old Becca Hart believed in true love. But when her former best friend teases her for not having a boyfriend, Becca impulsively pretends she’s been secretly seeing someone. Continue reading “Review: The Upside of Falling arc”

Review: Obsidio

Written by: Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Published on: 13th March 2018

Genre: YA, Scifi, Fantasy

Blurb: The exciting finale in the trilogy that broke the mold; The Illuminae Files.

*SPOILERS* if previous books not read.  Continue reading “Review: Obsidio”

Review: The Stars We Steal by Alexa Donne

Written by: Alexa Donne

Published on: 4th February 2020

Genre: Fantasy, Scifi, YA

Blurb: Engagement season is in the air. Eighteen-year-old Princess Leonie “Leo” Kolburg, heir to a faded European spaceship, only has one thing on her mind: which lucky bachelor can save her family from financial ruin?

But when Leo’s childhood friend and first love Elliot returns as the captain of a successful whiskey ship, everything changes. Continue reading “Review: The Stars We Steal by Alexa Donne”

What’s on my Amazon Wishlist right now?

Howdy bookstas!

So I thought I’d share with you some of the books sitting on my amazon wishlist waiting, longingly, for me to press ‘add to basket’ and prime deliver them home!

There are many, many books – but some that are taking priority right now are… Continue reading “What’s on my Amazon Wishlist right now?”