Bookish Artists I Love!

The #bookstagram world has opened me up to so many wonderful and talented people; artists, authors, illustrators, candle makers and bakers! There is so much talent out there. Continue reading


Bookish Bookmarks for Book Lovers


If there’s one thing every book lover needs it is a decent collection of bookmarks.

In the past I have used: old receipts, train tickets, sweet wrappers, scrap paper, paper clips… you name it! But over the last year I have started to gather some actual bookmarks!

I have now in my second rep period for Jen’s @bookbookowl bookmarks … and they are stunning! I found Jen’s instagram account back in January last year and was absolutely blown away by her gorgeous feed – she is a talented photographer and a veracious reader of books. After becoming friends on instagram, I found her blog and twitter account and now I basically follow (stalk) her accounts for amazing content and bookish recommendations. Continue reading

The Story Gift: Literary gifts that tell a story

It can be hard to find gifts for book lovers. In my experience people tend to buy you a book (with little thought given to your go-to genres or what you might already have on your shelves) or they give you amazon vouchers – which is brill, but not always that ‘special’ or ‘personal’.

If you want real literary themed gifts for your book loving friends and family, then I really recommend you check out The Story Gift! Deema, who runs The Story Gift, is so nice and super talented! Many of the designs featured are ones she has drawn herself and I am particularly fond of her gorgeous Foxy! Continue reading

Top 5 Bookish Candles I Own

OK, so I own A LOT of bookish candles. I have been collecting them and burning them for the past year and I love them.

I have always loved to read and relax with candles burning; the flickering of the warm and cosy light along with the sumptuous comforting scents are a must for me.

In amongst my collection there are some candles that I love a little more than others. Be it label design, colour or scent – they just have a special place on my list ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are the current top 5 bookish candles I own: Continue reading

Review: The Wicked King + Owlcrate box

Written by: Holly Black

Published on: 8 January 2019

Genre: Fantasy, YA Fiction

Blurb: I have heard that for mortals, the feeling of falling in love is very like the feeling of fear.

Jude has tricked Cardan onto the throne, binding him to her for a year and a day. But the new High King does everything in his power to humiliate and undermine her, even as his fascination with her remains undimmed.

Meanwhile, a traitor in the court is scheming against her. Jude must fight for her life and the lives of those she loves, all while battling her own complicated feelings for Cardan. Now a year and a day seems like no time at all . . .

My Review: I read the incredible The Cruel Prince February 2018 (you can find the review here) and then read the beautiful novella The Lost Sisters a few months ago (read the review here) and I simply couldn’t wait for this to be published! Continue reading