Review: Dumbledore’s Army Bookcozy by Mothermadeit13


Recently, I posted a review about bookcozies and how absolutely awesome they are. If you take books with you anywhere – then bookcozies are an absolute must-have!!

Since then, I have been growing my collection and was luckily able to purchase this AMAZING Harry Potter themed one from the lovely Lucy & Gill over at Mothermadeit13. Continue reading


Review: BookbestiesUK β€˜Always’ Bookcozy

img_1899Have you ever carried books around in your handbag or school bag and been frustrated, angry, even devastated when the pages, or the covers have been damaged? Maybe the corners were scuffed, or the edges torn on your prized and loved copy of Jane Eyre, Caraval or A Court of Mist and Fury (I know, don’t even imagine it!).

Well – if you have experienced this soul- destroying feeling, then you’ll completely understand why discovering bookcozys has been so satisfying.

A good bookcozy should be roomy and able to hold almost all of your standard paperback or hardcover treasures. It should also look incredible – after all, it’s the wrapping paper covering your precious book treasures – it needs to live up to the job!

The Bookbestiesuk Snape ‘Always’ bookcozy: I ordered this bookcozy because it looked great on the Etsy store and, as a huge Harry Potter fan I love things that really capture the wizarding world and story J.K. Rowling masterfully created. Continue reading