Review: The Assassinโ€™s Blade

Written by: Sarah J. Maas

Published: March 2014

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Blurb: Celaena Sardothien is her kingdom’s most feared assassin. Though she works for the powerful and ruthless Assassin’s Guild, Celaena yields to no one and trusts only her fellow killer for hire, Sam.

When Celaena’s scheming master, Arobynn Hamel, dispatches her on missions that take her from remote islands to hostile deserts, she finds herself acting independently of his wishes-and questioning her own allegiance. Along the way, she makes friends and enemies alike, and discovers that she feels far more for Sam than just friendship. But by defying Arobynn’s orders, Celaena risks unimaginable punishment, and with Sam by her side, he is in danger, too. They will have to risk it all if they hope to escape Arobynn’s clutches-and if they fail, they’ll lose not just a chance at freedom, but their lives . . .

A prequel to Throne of Glass, this collection of five novellas offers readers a deeper look into the history of this cunning assassin and her enthralling-and deadly-world.

Included in this volume:
The Assassin and the Pirate Lord
The Assassin and the Healer
The Assassin and the Desert
The Assassin and the Underworld
The Assassin and the Empire.

My Review: This book cover is beautiful; the colours are pretty and pop on the hardcover of the book. If we were basing the review on looks then this would be at the top!

However – this took me quite a long time to complete and I contemplated not finishing it.

The book is comprised of the Throne of Glass novellas; I had previously read Throne of Glass (book 1) itself and it was Okay. I didn’t love it.

Having absolutely adored Sarah J. Maas’s ACOTAR series I decided I would give these a go. Unfortunately I feel that they are a little dull and, whilst I admire Celaena’s grit – I don’t feel a connection with her across these novellas or Throne of Glass.

There are 5 short novellas in this collection and the first one – The Assassin and the Pirate Lord – is the one I enjoyed the most. The others were slow and predictable for me. I liked that we found out a little more about this character – but I still feel left with questions about her time before this.

Overall I would give this collection 3๐ŸŒŸ as the writing and settings were good. Just didn’t love it unfortunately, and may not read Crown of Midnight that’s sitting on my shelf.


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Giving Thanks on New Years Eve

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my little elves!

Oh what a year this has been. I cannot tell you how much this community has meant to me this year. I began my @mummyisreading instagram account some time ago, as just a place to share the books I was reading with my son. It wasn’t about me, and it certainly wasn’t something regular!

As luck would have it, I stumbled across some fabulous bookstagram mums, including Jenni (, Kate (@Katesbookspot) and the lovely Kim (@bookbairn) and they helped me to safely tumble in to this bookish universe.

With a hop, skip and a jump through a few months I threw myself in with a wing and a prayer and hoped that I could make something of this; I hoped I could carve myself a little place in this bookish world and simply share my love of a good book with others. Now, 10 months later, I feel like I have ‘found my people’. I have made some truly wonderful friends and acquaitances in the bookish world and I am grateful for their endless support and kindness.

In particular, the following ladies have been truly wonderful to me and have always been supportive, they are: the lovely ‘Don’ Carla over at @gottcarl82 ; the super sweet ‘baby’ Gaby over at @dottielovesbooks ; the awesome ‘Peggy’ Jodie over at @southgatejodie ; the super cool Christina over on @getmealibrary ; the very lovely Lauren at @laureads_ who I adore; Super lovely Jenni continues to be my lovely friend and #snailmail pal – she’s the sweetest! There’s also the super cool Olga at @bookholic.and.proud ; plus lovely Tika at @mybestfriendsarefictional and Kirsty who is sooo amazing at @paperheartsink . Plus – I have to mention Deema over at @thestorygift because the woman bleeds kindess and is one of the most talented people I know, along with the very lovely Jen at @bookbookowl who has shown me great respect in choosing me to be in her first every group of reps for her stunning bookmarks… I hope she’ll have me back again one day! And there are so many other girls in this community who are wonderful and lovely and I am eternally grateful to them all. Real women raise other women up, and that’s precisely what these girls do. Who cares about anyone who’s obsessed with follower numbers, views, winning candle rep searches and getting freebies. If that’s what you’re in it for then you’re in it for the wrong reasons, and it will become clear for all to see. I’m just glad I found my spot in it all.

As 2018 draws to a close here, may I take the time to wish you a Happy New Year as we welcome 2019.

Lots of love,

10 Questions to Ask a Harry Potter fan!

Being a Harry Potter myself means I know full well how passionate we all are about this fandom. If you ever wanted to know a bit more about someone, ask them these Harry Potter questions and watch as they light up with intrinsic love for their favourite characters, fierce loyalty for their heroes and outright hatred for their villains.

These are the 10 questions to ask a Harry Potter fan!

  1. Have you had your Hogwarts letter yet?
  2. Which Deathly Hallow would you choose and why?
  3. You can kiss one of the Hogwarts students in Harry’s year – who will it be?
  4. Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?
  5. Who was your favourite Marauder?
  6. Which three of the Hogwarts lessons/classes would you love to try?
  7. Which death in the series was most heart-breaking?
  8. Of the 7 books, which is your favourite one?
  9. Which of the movies was the best adaption?
  10. If they remade the movies in the next 15 years would you watch them?

I have decided that I am going to answer the questions for myself below, if you’d like to read my answers then carry on down… Continue reading

Top 5 Opening Lines

Being a lover of books and an English Teacher in a Secondary school means that I read a lot of opening lines!

The job of a successful opening line/ paragraph is to intrigue or entertain the reader enough that they are left wanting to read the next line or paragraph in order to reveal a little more about the character, the world or the conflict being introduced.

There are some amazing opening lines that have intrigued me, that I have listed my choice of Top 5 Opening Lines below: Continue reading