Review: Are Mummies Scared of Monsters?

Written and Illustrated by: Fransie Frandsen

‘Are Mummies Scared of Monsters’ is the third book in the ‘Alexander’s Questions’ series by Fransie Frandsen in which a young boy, Alexander tries to find the answer to puzzling questions that spring from a child’s mind.

My son, Jake and I were completely new to this series, but it didn’t take away from our enjoyment! The book is perfect for Jake who is curious by nature and he found many of the page spreads to be engaging and enjoyable.

Each page is a blend of illustration and collage photographs or images. The colour palette is bright and engaging throughout, with an emphasis on natural pastels. This blend really worked for Jake as it gave us lots to talk about – one of our key outcomes from reading. It also felt very child-like and Jake was able to identify aspects of things he’s done himself in art at school.

We loved this one, and although Jake is in year 2 (aged 7) he wasn’t too old to enjoy the story and blended illustrations. Fun for us all! My 3yo niece enjoyed it too!

Thanks to Midas PR for sending us a copy to share and review honestly.

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