Just like that we’re at week 2!

Every Friday I will be doing a themed #FridayFaves post where I will tell you my favourites for a particular prompt. Joined by fellow hosts Lauren (@Laureads_) and Jenni (@oddsocks.blog), we will unpick our opinions on set topics so don’t forget to check them both out by visiting their blogs!

This week’s prompt: Favourite Harry Potter Character

As you can imagine this is an incredibly tough choice for me. I have so many characters in the 7 books (8 films) that I adore and want to wax lyrical about. J K. Rowling builds characters better than Lego builds bricks and I find it impossible to name just one. As a result, I am going to approach this in a dramatic fashion… Hogwarts is burning, I can only save TWO…who will it be?

Remus Lupin & Albus Dumbledore

OK – not what you were expecting? Let’s start with Remus…

I can still remember the first time I read Prisoner of Azkaban and seeing the way Professor R. J. Lupin is introduced. Carrying our golden trio to a Hogwarts, Professor Lupin was asleep in the same carriage on the Hogwarts Express. From the moment he woke to save them from the Dementor, Remus Lupin was a Teacher, friend, are supporter of Harry.

Prisoner of Azkaban is possibly my favourite book of the series (I flit between this and Order of the Phoenix). Lupin’s goodness – despite his dreadful curse – is one of the things I love most about him. His wonderful role as a teacher and mentor to Harry is a turning point in Harry’s story and the overall arc in the series. Plus, Lupin is just such a nice chap. I definitely want to grab coffee with him.

His wonderful role as a teacher and mentor to Harry is a turning point in Harry’s story

Albus Dumbledore is a man of many, many wonderful words of wisdom. When I read these books for the first time, each year as a child and then teen, I always looked forward to, loved and savoured the scenes Harry had with Dumbledore. They were my favourite moments. Many of my favourite quotes of the series are said by Dumbledore – they seem so lasting and memorable.

Dumbledore’s moments with Harry are almost intimate; they are the few times we see Harry experience or feel as though he is a part of a familial relationship and where someone other than Mrs Weasley cares for him in that way. Dumbledore is emotions (and later we learn the conflict he feels) is heartfelt. He loves Harry as a son, and believes what he is doing is right for Harry and ultimately the Wizarding World.

I could go on about my other favourites, like Hermione, Luna and Hagrid. But I think it is best to save those for another day.

So, who is your favourite Harry Potter character and why? What do you think of my choices? Let me know in the comments below!

Check out next week’s #FridayFaves where we will be sharing our favourite book to TV series, and if you want to join in use the header graphic above and tag Jenni, Lauren and I 😘.

Have a good week!

Lots of love

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