Coffee-Shop Character Date


Hey everyone!

The #bookstagram community is constantly inspiring me and today I was hit with an idea. I love the fun ‘Questions of the day’ we all post and the conversations we engage in about our bookish interests and fandoms… if you haven’t joined in, then you can start here and say hi!

I recently asked the question: Which 3 people would you like to have coffee with? It got me thinking about characters I love from the books I have read, and the two books I am reading now.

Having coffee with a character would be cool – you could ask them questions and find out a lot more about them and their story. My immediate go to answer was going to be Rhysand from ACOTAR because…well, you know! But then I thought of Jane Eyre and I’d love to ask her how things turned out with her Mr Rochester after the final page of Charlotte Bronte’s book. Did they last? Were they happy? And was their relationship as passionate as it had been in the rooms and corridors of Rochester Hall? 

If you were able to have a coffee-shop date with a character who would you choose? What would you want to ask them? Let me know in the comments below!



PS. Come and join in with my qotd on Instagram – you’ll find them in my post captions. Can’t wait to see your answers!


4 thoughts on “Coffee-Shop Character Date

  1. Oooh, what a great question! I’d definitely want to sit down with Lorelei Lee from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (and she’d definitely insist we have champagne instead of coffee, my kind of girl!). I think it’d also be really interesting to have coffee with Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson (who knows what the detective would be able to tell me about myself?). Great prompt, love it!


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